This Is The Reason Why You’re Getting Rejected When You Ask For Her Number

Most guys think that by just dressing in a good way and having confidence to walk up to a girl and ask for her number is enough to fix a date with her. But the reality is that they don’t know how to get a girls number in the right way at first attempt. And that’s the main reason why they fail miserably.

And that’s my main focus in this post right here. I want you to know the reasons why you are getting rejected even if you think that the girl had fun talking to you and didn’t experienced anything like that before.


Why You Get Rejected When You Ask For Her Number

  1. You’re not listening to her

Most guys are just putting too much pressure on themselves when they approach a girl. And because of that, they are constantly thinking about the next thing they should say and not listen to what the girl is actually saying to him.

This girls off a weird vibe to the girl and she immediately knows that there is something wrong about you, or you are just not interested in her.

So the next time you approach a girl, make sure that you clear your mind and are “in the moment”. Try to be happy and not feel anxious and see how much of a difference that can make.


2. You are making her feel weird or uncomfortable

This is a huge thing for her. You are a stranger who just walked up to her and tried to start a conversation. And if you are doing a direct approach, then most probably you started the conversation by complimenting her.

Complimenting her is a good thing but you have to know that just a compliment doesn’t mean that she will talk to you and just give you her number, or go on an instant date with you.

You have to make her feel comfortable and let her know that it is okay to talk to you and give her number to you. Most guys are just feel uncomfortable themselves and that brushes off the girl too, which makes the whole situation a weird thing.

Now you see why people think that you are a weird person when you are approaching a girl in the street, in the middle of the daylight.

So, the next time you approach her, make sure that you focus on making her feel comfortable by making her laugh and just having a fun time with her. Don’t take the situation too seriously and you’ll be good.


3. You don’t ask for it

Yes, that is true. Most guys are just too afraid to ask for a girls number.

Do you realize that just 1000 years ago, we, men used to hunt bears for food. And now guys are afraid to just ask for a girls number.

If you have the confidence to walk up to a girl in the middle of daylight and make her laugh (not to mention that you just made her day and she’ll keep thinking about it over and over again), any girl would give you her number without any second thoughts. All you have to do, is just ask for the damn number.


Check out this YouTube video in which Sasha shows you how to be persistent when you’re asking for her number. Most of the time all you need is some persistence to get her number and get that date.

No one wants a guy who gives up too easily. So show her what you are made of, she’ll appreciate that.

If you want a straight forward guide on getting a girls number, this Wikipedia guide is amazing.

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